Hotel in Bandol

Stay in our 3-Star beachfront hotel in Bandol,

Let our family welcome you with the friendly spirit that has always been the charm of our hotel. Indeed, the walls of our hotel in the Provençale architecture testify to a beautiful story of family and friends through three generations.
Formerly a private holiday home, the first room was rented in 1956 to accommodate visitors, and then in the 1970s to provide accommodations for guests, thus becoming a boarding house. Transformed over time into a landmark seaside hotel in Bandol, the establishment today belongs to the grandchildren of the original owners.
Since 2014, this third generation brings youthful vigor to the Hotel Les Galets, entering a new era while maintaining its authentic architecture. The current owners, grandson Thomas and brother-in-law Herve, have proudly invested in renovations that give more personal comfort, exciting choices and modern amenities to the hotel, including free Wi-Fi and parking for guests.
Enjoy a convenient location near the beaches in one of the most beautiful districts of Bandol, which has managed to preserve its charm and authenticity without being spoiled by development. Stroll among the gardens featuring magnificent pines, palm and old olive trees from the beginning of the 19th century. Discover the advantages of the 3-star Hotel Les Galets in Bandol.

The advantages of our 3-star hotel in Bandol

Enjoy a beautiful ocean view from every room. Stay in your choice of a variety of rooms, from a simple hotel room to a 2 bedroom flat complete with kitchen. By the way, Les Galets translates to ¨rolling stones¨. The sound of these small stones rolling in the nearby surf can be heard during the quiet hours and will sooth your mind, leading you to a restful sleep.
Take advantage of our ideal location adjacent to a fabulous beach in one of the most desirable districts of Bandol. The center of Bandol is a short 5-minute walk from Hotel Les Galets.

A magnificent Mediterranean garden

The Hotel Les Galets in Bandol has lovely Provincial style gardens set among walkable terraces, offering beautiful paths for guests and serving as a gateway to the beaches. You need just to put on your sandals, throw a towel over your shoulder and across the road to find yourself on the popular beach in a scenic bay.  Or follow the garden path of the terraces and relax in the shade of a lovely Pergola; feeling the breeze and listening to the song of the cicadas.

A restaurant overlooking the Bay

The Hotel Les Galets restaurant is renowned in Bandol for both high quality local food as well as the spectacular ocean views from every table. Our popular restaurant offers rich, varied and refined Southern French cuisine, prepared with fresh foods of the season. Enjoy a bottle of wine and gourmet Mediterranean meal on our terrace overlooking the Bay. The weather is inviting, the views breathtaking!
During Bandol’s peaceful cooler season, enjoy a warm and comforting tea in one of our multiple seating areas facing the sea. Al fresco on the patio or inside the glass paneled lounge, tranquil moments are at your disposal.

An ideal place

Bandol is the right location for your holiday enjoyment, with warm days and cool evenings. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and near the dramatic Calanques cliffs dotted with Aleppo pines, the Bandol region offers an incomparable leisurely pace of living. Many discoveries await you, whether you love gourmet cuisine, French culture, nature or sports. From the Golden Islands to the world-renowned Bandol vineyards surrounding medieval villages, Hotel Les Galets offers you an ideal proximity to the main attractions of Provence and the activities of the regions.

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